1.Describe the philosophy of Manifest Destiny. What effect did it have on Americans westward migration? How might the different groups that migrated have sought to apply this philosophy to their individual circumstances?
2. Describe the multiple groups and leaders that emerged in the fight for the Progressive agenda, including womens rights, African American rights, and workers rights. How were the philosophies, agendas, strategies, and approaches of these leaders and organizations similar and different? What made it difficult for all Progressive activists to present a united front?
3. What new opportunities did the Great War (WWI) present for women and African Americans? What limitations did these groups continue to face in spite of these opportunities?
4. Explain how the 1920s was a decade of contradictions. What does the relationship between mass immigration and the rise of the Second Ku Klux Klan tell us about American attitudes? How might we reconcile the decade as the period of both the flapper and prohibition?
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use resounces from chapter 17-24 to answer each question
Be sure to use cited evidence (MLA format citations) from the modules to support your response! This is a key component of the assignments to see you have done the assigned readings and can use what youve learned to formulate a response.

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