1.???hich term does?otb.???radualismc.???atastrophismd.???atural selection?it well with Darwin’s ideas about evolution?a.???niformitarianisme.???escent with modification2.???hich term best describes Darwin’s “descent with modification”?a.???nheritanceb.???atural selectionc.???rtificial selectiond.???exual selectione.???volution3.???hich of the following statements was?ot? part of Darwin’s concept of evolution?a.???ome variations are developed in individuals through interactions with their environment.b.???ome inherited variations may have a higher survival rate than others.c.???ndividuals of a population have variations of characters.d.???ome individuals in a population reproduce more than others.e.???opulations may change as a result of natural selection.4.???embers of the cactus family (Cactaceae) resemble some Euphorbiaceae in many regards, both morphologically and physiologically, although they are not related. The reason for this similarity isa.???hey are pollinated by the same insects.b.???hey possess identical Hox genes.c.???onvergent evolution: they both live in a very similar environment.d.???tabilizing selection.e.??? coevolution of these two families.5.???hich of the following processes/factors of a population will likely result in evolution?a.???opulations are largeb.???solation from neighbouring populationsc.???on-random matingd.???o mutationse.???one of the above will result in evolution6.???hich of the following factors is?ost?ikely to increase genetic variation in a population??.???atural selectionb.???utationsc.???on-random matingd.???enetic drifte.???tabilizing selection7.??? volcano has wiped out a significant part of a spider population on a small island. What is this an example of?a.???atural selectionb.???isruptive selectionc.???he bottleneck effectd.??? balanced polymorphisme.???elative fitness8.???atural selection primarily works at the level ofa.???opulations.b.???pecies.c.???ubspecies.d.???enera.e.???cosystems.BiologyScienceGeneticsBIOL 205

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