2010 Haiti Earthquake vs. 2011 Tohoku Earthquake Prompts1a) Look at the magnitude, depth to focus & proximity of epicenter to large populations, etc. of the 2010 Haiti & 2011 Tohoku earthquakes. How do they compare? Which would you expect to be more damaging based on these factors?1b) Look at the ‘amount’ of destruction (# of deaths, injuries, buildings collapsed, etc.) between these two earthquakes. How do they compare?1c) Compare the ‘man-made’ factors in these two events. How did the structural engineering and oversight compare? How were the buildings in Haiti constructed vs. those in Japan?2) Compare the social and economic differences of these two countries. How does this affect the emergency response during the events, as well as ‘pre-event preparations (e.g., social education & preparedness, regulated safety and building standards)? Were you surprised at all about the magnitude of the differences seen in these two countries??) Image two earthquakes with the exact same ‘geologic’ factors (e.g., magnitude, depth to focus, distance to epicenter to large populations, etc.).?iscuss how social and economic disparities between countries/governments affect citizens’ experiences in such disasters, both in the short and long term.?oss Stein: Defeating Earthquakes:4a) Why are the social and economic impacts of earthquakes increasing?4b) What are some relatively simple steps that can be taken to reduce the impact of earthquakes, both in the construction of buildings and socially?5) What did you learn about global data networks for earthquakes? Do you think it is worth the trouble to do these types of projects? Do you think it is important that this data is open and shared among scientists, citizens, and policymakers?Earth ScienceScienceGeologyGEOL 100

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