A young android developer developed a creative app in his free… A young android developer developed a creative app in his free time, and he likes to publish that app into Google play. He has no experience publishing the app properly; therefore, he came to you as an experienced programmer and developer to help him publish that app correctly.General information about this app:He used a free API to develop his app ( you may assume he used api.openweathermap.org/ for his API)He used ArrayMap to sort and use his obtain data.He used classes to manage his database (Object-Oriented Database)?n this assignment, you do comprehensive research and write a report on what the procedure of publishing an app is. Try to answer the following questions in your report.What is the procedure for publishing the app into Google play?What he has to consider in his layout before publishing his app (requirement of Google play)? (Compatibility of the app)What does he need to check on the free API before publishing the app? (licencing opensource, close source)How can he make his app more sufficient and faster ( better memory management) considering he used ArrayMapWhat should he consider now before publishing the app if the app becomes success in the future? ( what about the app store, does he need to rewrite his app for another platform, or it’s a better way to cover)Use the given APA doc to write your report for this young developer. Use your own words and understanding of what you researched. Make sure to use the referencing for APA if you use someone else information.n?PA general format information:https://www.scribbr.com/apa-style/6th-edition/archived-format/You may use the provided template to write.n?eferences:Engineering & TechnologyComputer ScienceCSD MISC

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