Answer the following mcqs1)Trade union characteristic includes all the characteristics except;?2 pointsCommon goalscIntermediaryIndividual actions2)Voluntary associationManaging international compensation, approach in which package compensation equalizes cost between home country and international employees is called;?2 pointsincome statement approachheadquarters approachcash flow approachdbalance-sheet approach3)The trade union concern in the MNE include;?2 pointsA remote locus of authorityA high level of employment and labour shortages.Ability to move production facilities to other countriesManage financial resources4)Companies from _________ are more likely to rely on home-country managers for senior positions.?2 pointsUSJapanthe country is irrelevantGerman5)HR practitioner must manage and assist certain HR related issues for addressing the challenges and practical realities of Merger & acquisition which include all the followings except;?2 pointsDeveloping new compensation strategyRetention of key talented employeesCreating new policies to guidelines for the new organization.NoneOther:6)The factor of international compensation include;?2 pointsAll of the aboveTaxation.The cost of living.Healthcare costs.7)An international compensation package is designed with the basic objective of keeping the expatriate whole, this is called as:?2 pointsAn off-balance sheet approachA balance sheet approachA good ideaA going rate approach8)HR plays several roles in the organization through active policy and procedure. But the most essential purpose of HR policy is to,?2 pointsAssist workers in solving their workplace problemsGuide the employees in preventing a disputes and lockoutGuide the overall actions of the employer about employees9)Supervise various the activities of trade unionsThe amount of salary an individual receives in the home-country becomes the ________ when calculating compensation.?2 pointsnone of the aboveOriginal salaryoriginal allowancebase salary10)The payment of extra compensation to an expatriate just for being posted in an assignment in abroad is an example of a:?2 pointsgoods-and-services differential.job-status payment.hardship allowance.foreign-service premium.BusinessManagementHuman Resource ManagementBBA (HON) HRM460

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