Assignment: Client Presentation on Globalization: Part 2 You are an… Assignment: Client Presentation on Globalization: Part 2You are an economic consultant for XYZ Corporation who reports to the VP of Finance, Maria Horowitz. You learned that multiple departments of your company are collaborating to a presentation for a prospective client that explains how XYZ Corporation can help them improve their business. Maria has been asked to present on several financial aspects of an organization. She tasks you with developing the sections of the presentation relating to globalization. The potential client, named Fourevr Enterprises, mentions it mostly operates domestically, both in terms of production and selling, because it is unfamiliar with and apprehensive to engage in globalization efforts.For this Assignment, select a product or service that Fourevr offers. Select one that is?r potentially can be?nvolved in international trade and globalization. Some suggestions are:Automobile or parts manufacturingPharmaceutical research and development (R&D) and manufacturingFinancial IndustriesSoftware developmentEntertainment/video gamesOil and gas exploration and productionSmall businesses involved in importing and/or exporting consumer productsMaria has developed an outline of questions she would like to have addressed for the presentation and has placed them in the presentation template. She has tasked you with addressing the questions and filling out the presentation template.In addition to responding to the prompts, you should include a cover slide and a References slide that includes all sources cited. Each content slide should also include detailed speaker’s notes that would be used to make the presentation to the leaders of Fourevr Enterprises. Use the presentation template provided to address the?rompts.How does international trade affect Fourevr, both domestically and in international markets? How can existing or potential changes in trade policies affect Fourevr’s operations? Does it make sense for Fourevr to outsource or offshore the production of any of its inputs or any of its operations? Why or why not?In what other ways might globalization affect Fourevr, both positively and negatively? In your response, consider the effects on Fourevr’s prices, output, and profits. What can Fourevr do to better position itself to benefit, or protect itself, from globalization? BusinessEconomicsMicroeconomicsECON 1002

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