Can You Escape A Maze Without Walls? Edited by Oliver RoederFrom Tom Hanrahan, a new kind of maze:Bad news: the enemies of Riddler Nation have forced you into a maze. And this maze is weird. The rules are as follows.?You move between boxes in a grid: up, down, left or right, but never diagonally.?Your goal is to arrive in the finish square, designated here by a ” .”?Your movement is dictated by the symbol inside the square you have just moved to, and eachdirection is relative to where you’d be facing if you were physically walking the maze. “S” means you continue straight, “R” means you turn right, “L” means you turn left, “U” means you make a U-turn, and “?” gives you the option of any of those four directions.?An “X” ends your game in failure ?think hot lava. (But hey, you can always start over!)?If you are forced to exit the maze’s grid, you lose ?more hot lava.Your maze is below. You may enter the maze anywhere along the perimeter, giving you 32 options. Some of these, however, immediately fail. If you enter at a “U” on the top of the maze, for example, you must immediately U-turn out of the maze, so you lose.Can you reach the smiley face? If so, how many moves does it take? Image transcription text2) Trace the path if you enter at the arrow. LU U ? U L X L R L R LU OUU S L R L U L XR U R ? R SL ? RRUURRRSL S ? SLS SLR R LR ? RL ? L L RSRSLRL… Show more Math

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