Checking balance?xercise 1unadjusted trial balanceAccountAccounts receivable? 119,000Prepaid?repare an?with the following data: Balanceinsurance? 20,500Materials?supplies)? 3,850Cash ?Equipment? 35,000Accounts?ayable? 45,000Notes?ayable? 42,800Juan del Pueblo, capital? 69,000Juan del Pueblo, retreats?drawings)? 20,000Income earned?fee earned)? 835,000Utilities?xpense? 24,500Wage costs?salaries expense)? 620,000Advertising?xpense? 3,500Rental expenses?rent expense)? 45,000Exercise 2Identify the errors in the following?rial balance based?n the data presented: Tu Terru? Restaurant Trial Balance At the end of March 2020Account?Account)? Debit?Debit) Credit?Credit)Cash? ?84,000Accounts receivable? 210,000Equipment 140,000Materials?supplies)? 18,000Accounts?ayable? 43,000Juan Roman, capital? 632,000Earned income?fee earned) – -Rent?xpense? 20,000Salary?xpense? 280,000Total 1,320,000 1,320,000?xercise 3Camino al Mar, a wedding coordination business, started on March 1, 2020. Use the information provided to complete the exercise:??A. Record the following transactions in the?ournal.? B.?ecords the move to the?edger.??C.?repare the?rial balance.Date (March) Transaction1 $25,000 in cash was invested to start the business.3 A vehicle was purchased for the business for $17,500 on credit.3 Decorating materials were purchased for a total of $4,000.4 A?repaid insurance?olicy was paid?or $1,500 effective March 1.5 A service was performed to a customer?fee earned)?n the amount of $ 5,500.10 A credit was paid to the purchased vehicle of $1,600.15 Employees were paid wages of $2,650.16 A wedding decoration was made on credit for $3,500.18 A decoration was made for a 15-year-old in cash for $5,800.20 The customer whose job was performed on March 16 paid $1,100.21 Gasoline for the business vehicle was paid $70.22 Decorating for a bachelorette party was made for $1,000.25 $30 was paid for gas for the business vehicle.28 Advertising?xpense?as paid?700.29 A withdrawal was made for personal use in the amount of $ 300.30 Salary paid to employees of $ 1,650BusinessAccountingACCO 1000

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