CRITICAL THINKING (15 POINTS EACH) 1-Describe characteristics that… CRITICAL THINKING (15 POINTS EACH)?-Describe characteristics that make surveys and interviews methods for QI effective.?????2-Identify and explain the cause and effect of the fishbone (ishikawa) function.????????CASE STUDY (25 POINTS)NYC looked at four key measures of patient safety: hospital-acquired infections, readmissions, and how well hospital staff communicate with patients about medications and discharge planning. Unfortunately for New Yorkers, most hospitals in the region?hich includes New York City and adjoining communities in Westchester County, Long Island, and New Jersey?ared poorly on those measures.Of the 50 lowest-scoring hospitals in our nationwide patient-safety Ratings, 30 are in the New York City area. There are 1,045 hospitals in the country with data on each of our four safety measures. Of the 50 lowest-scoring such hospitals nationwide, 30 are in the New York City area. And 36 of the 81 hospitals in the New York City area with data in all four measures, or 44 percent, got our lowest or second-lowest Rating in each, compared with just 14 percent nationwide. (An additional 17 New York-area hospitals, including some well-known ones such as Lenox Hill and the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, did not have complete data in all four measures, and so are not included in our analysis.)Lowest-scoring hospitalsThe five lowest-rated hospitals nationally, all in the New York area, were:Jacobi Medical Center, Bronx: 68 percent worse than averageNassau University Medical Center, East Meadow: 63 percent worse than averageForest Hills Hospital, Queens: 62 percent worse than averageSt. Joseph’s Medical Center, Yonkers: 62 percent worse than averageSt. John’s Riverside Hospital, Yonkers: 62 percent worse than average?ASE STUDY1.???In your opinion, is there an opportunity for improvement in this system??lease explain??cienceHealth ScienceHEALTH INF HIT215M02

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