Discussion topic 1 In this week’s readings, we are learning how to… Discussion topic 1In this week’s readings, we are learning how to set up a sample company in QuickBooks Online. We explore how to customize a chart of accounts, browse lists, and navigate the various areas for customers, vendors, and employees.What role, in what QBO has explored so far, do you like best? Let’s try to discuss the different features.Discussion Topic 2 – Ethics2-You recently started working in a landscaping company. As you become more familiar with your QBO accounting system, you will notice that one of your friends is working as a contractor for the company where you work.So you remember how this man used to brag about how he sends false invoices to the companies he hires for and now you are worried that he will do the same with the new company. What would you do in this situation?* QBO = QuickBooks Online3. Record transactions and events for the organization using accounting software.4. Generate reports for the organization using accounting software.5. Analyze reports generated by accounting software.6. Compare traditional accounting procedures with computerized accounting procedures.7. Use professional communication skills in preparing documents and presentations.8. Identify the principles of ethical and professional conductAccountingBusinessFinancial AccountingACC ACG2091

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