For your independent project, create an instructional presentation… For your independent project,?reate an instructional presentation. Using/building on your previous drag (i.e., thrust-required) table and graph created in Module 3,?enerate additional power-required values in the table and depict the power-required curve for your aircraft.?Then, working with your derived thrust-required and/or power-required curves and table data,?xplain how to find?arious performance aspects for your aircraft,?nd provide the specific data?or your example. At a minimum cover the following:Maximum range airspeedMaximum endurance airspeedBest climb conditionsBest rate of climb (ROC) & associated airspeedBest angle of climb (AOC) & associated airspeedMaximum forward airspeedBest glide airspeedAdditionally,?iscuss?nd?ighlight numerically on a specific example of?ow weight change influences performance events such as the best range or endurance.The following will give you some starting points for your search and consideration.?equired formula:Thrust to power relationshipWeight change influence on performance airspeedsROC & AOC relationshipsNecessary aircraft information:Powerplant output (for simplification, you can assume constant power output at the rated value across the entire speed range);?hatever powerplant data you utilize, please make sure to?nclude a short discussion?etailing your assumptions.Previous information:Make sure to detail again all assumed?nformation used/transferred from last week (e.g., aircraft weight, atmospheric conditions, etc.) since performance data are, obviously, only valid for specific cases and conditions.Engineering & TechnologyMechanical EngineeringAERODYNAMICS 309

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