From a practical standpoint it appears cybersecurity laws are alreadyconsidered by legislators, however, the no technical background does occur to an extent. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), there is an annual meeting specifically held for cybersecurity and they go over all the new technology and the presented laws for the technology, organized by state. Most states do have a cybersecurity representative that also reviews the technology and laws trying to be implemented.”Cybersecurity remains a focus in state legislatures, as many propose measures to address cyberthreats directed at governments and private businesses.”( I feel this statement makes it obvious that the legislations take the technology and cyber risks seriously. This year the meeting got suspended due to Covid related instances however, in the year 2020, 280 bills, in 38 states were discussed and decided on. This is the most organized way I can think of, for doing this process. This is definitely not a speedy processes.What issues can arise from the pace that legislation falls behind??or example, research the Megan Meier case.?ow do we as a society respond when someone can get away with leading someone to suicide, simply because a law did not exist to prevent it yet?Engineering & TechnologyComputer ScienceCYB 220

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