Green Services, Inc was a corporation exclusively owned by Jalen Green.Lebron Inc. owned and operated Houston Rockets, a coffee shop in Texas. Houston Rockets issued all invoices to Green Services bearing in mind that there was no written contract indicating who was liable on the account in the event of failure to pay. Later Jalen dissolved the corporation and continued to run his business as one and only proprietorship. Houston Rockets sued the Green Services to collect on dept but it had no resources. This led them to suing Jalen Green individually and asked the court to pierce the corporate veil. They claimed that Jalen was using the corporate form to defend himself and also he was involved in fraud as he was commingling personal funds with corporate forms.?ou represent two companies but one client with both Lebron Inc. and the corporation of the Houston Rockets, please make the argument that the trial court had it wrong and that there was a good case to pierce the corporate veil (“PCV”).What other facts do you need to discuss whether or not a lower court erred in failing to PCV Mr. Green, and Green Services?Assuming those facts are present, apply an analysis of your own to this alter ego PCV scenario.?usinessManagementBusiness LawBUS 201

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