Hello, I need help with the following questions from experiments 1… Hello, I need help with the following questions from experiments 1 and 2 . Experiment 2 has no data, the data table that I am not sure if the last 2 rows from table 4 are correct are from experiment 1.Here is the dataImage transcription textX GC_4253_L23_… Search Cabrera, Aleson (acabrera 14) CA AutoSave . Off) Share Comments File HomeInsert Draw Design Layout References Mailings Review View Help EXPERIMENT 1: PLANTING COPPERGLUCONATE Data Sheet Table 3: Trial 1 Data Filter Paper + Metal Filter Paper Mass Copper Mas… Show more… Show moreExperiment 1: Plating Copper Gluconate Post-Lab Questions1.??List the series developed from this lab based on the experimental values obtained. Compare this to a published list of the electrochemical series (see Table 1).2.??Determine the oxidizing agent, reducing agent, the substance being oxidized, and the substance being reduced in each reaction.3.??Create a bar graph displaying each of the four metals and the amount of copper that plated on each. Using either Trial 1, Trial 2, or the Averaged Results data. Construct your graph on a computer program such as Microsoft Excel? If you do not have a graphing program installed on your computer, you can access one on the internet via the following links: http://nces.ed.gov/nceskids/createagraph/ or Online Chart Tool.Experiment 2: waste disposal of copper gluconatePost-Lab Questions1.??Heavy metals such as lead and manganese are commonly used in experiments similar to Experiment 1 and 2. Explain why the metals used in this lab are considered “greener”.2.??Two examples of using redox reactions in industry have been stated. Give two more examples of ways that this series could be used in everyday lifeScienceChemistryCHEM 1030

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