How do I write a value proposition for the following: Java roasts… How do I write a value proposition for the following:Java roasts some of the finest artisanal coffee beans connoisseurs can buy. They select onlythe finest beans from fair-trade certified growers around the world. Each bean is slowly and meticulouslyroasted with Java Roast’sproprietary roasting process – the only one of its kind. Their careful roasting processproduces coffee beans that are amongst the finest, freshest, and best tasting you can find. Amazing tastingcoffee is just the beginning, it is their industry-leading caffeine content that sets them apart.Java Roast’s is a new entrant to the mature and competitive coffee bean market. Coffee beans are roasted, packaged, and warehoused in Illinois where they can quickly be shipped to any customer around the world. All sales occur online through Vision: To establish Java Roast as the world’s the number one brand of specialty coffee beans whileadhering to our unrelenting standards for quality and uncompromising principles.Mission: Our mission is to redefine the premium roasted coffee experience in a sustainable and earth-friendly way. We pride ourselves on every step in the process, from meticulously hand selecting each beanto small-batch roasting. Each Java Roast product is delivered to your door, ensuring an extraordinaryexperience with an energetic edge in every cup!Beliefs: Mastery of our craft, Passion for people, Authenticity to one another, Community for all,Employee Ownership and Growth – these beliefs guide us on our journey. We have learned that the secret togreat coffee is the people who make it, and we apply the same care in selecting and preparing our teams aswe do when roasting your coffee beans.Arts & HumanitiesCommunicationsMarketingMARKE 2240

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