folder contains 5 clips from the film?eople Like Us: Social Class in America.?lease view all 5 segments.Description:It’s the 800-pound gorilla in American life that most Americans don’t think about: how do income, family background, education, attitudes, aspirations, and even appearance mark someone as a member of a particular social class?Class can be harder to spot than racial or ethnic differences, yet in many ways it’s the most important predictor of what kind of financial and educational opportunities someone will have in life. But class is a hard subject to talk about in a society like ours, where the idea that all people are created equal and that a poor child can become President is enshrined in national legend.PEOPLE LIKE US is the classic film that has spawned thousands of conversations about class in America.?atch the assigned film clips from the PBS Film,?eople Like US: Social Class in America.The U.S. has an social value that professes equality, but are all people born equal??iscuss using examples from the film.The U.S. class system has some social mobility.?hat are the prospect’s for Tammy’s son to move up or the likelihood for others to move down??iscuss the issue of class vs. race for African Americans.?hich places more limits on people?Social ScienceAnthropologyANTHROPOLO 101

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