Image transcription textExperiment 3: Mutation Rate Mutations can change allele proportions. The new allele frequency was 0.0 but isnow >0.0. 1) Keep the evolutionary parameters all at 0 except for the ‘Mutation rate’, change this to 0.01 forR to r. Set the ‘Initial ‘R’ Allele Proportion’ to 0.5. Let the experiment run for -500 generations and … Show more… Show morePopulation Genetics – PopGen Fishbowl ExperimentsKoi are a domesticated, ornamental breed of wild carp which were developed in Japan. Youwill be investigating a single gene controlling the scale colour and pattern of a variety of Koicalled Kohaku. This trait is codominant meaning the heterozygote looks distinct from the twohomozygotes. The homozygous recessive (rr) is solid white, the heterozygote (Rr) is mottledwhite and orange and the homozygous dominant (RR) is solid orange.Go to: through the tutorial to understand how to change the experimental paramaters/In the Experimental design page, use an initial population size of 200 and keep the mortalityrate at 10, carrying capacity at 200, brood size at 10 and Sex-Ratio of Female:Male as 0.5 (forall activities). This will be kept constant throughout the entire activity, you will be onlychanging the ‘Initial ‘R’ Allele Proportion’ and ‘Evolutionary Parameters’.BiologyScienceGenetics This question was created fromBIOL2343 Practical Report 2 Instructions and questions (1).pdf

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