Increasingly icons are being used in apps. When a new icon is… Increasingly icons are being used in apps. When a new icon is introduced, it takes a while for people to learn it and for it to become a “standard”. For example the menu icon (three horizontal lines) is well established today but four years ago was relatively unknown. People have learnt it.People who have had encephalitis (the medical term for inflammation of the brain) often end up with permanent short term memory loss. They can remember the past but not the day to day things. They can read a novel and read it over again because they don’t remember it. Beyond this they remain themselves. They are still intelligent articulate people but they are untrainable, they cannot learn new things. They represent the ultimate challenge in icon design. An icon designed for them has to be totally intuitive and not require learning. Furthermore, if it works for them, it will work for everyone.The ultimate icon challenge is to design icons that are totally intuitive and don’t require learning. Design ultimate icons (without words) for the following common tasks:1.?o add an item (could be an item to a list, an image to a group of images, …)?1 mark)2.?o make a change to or modify an item (1 mark)3.?o change the location an item in a group (1 mark)4.?o remove an item in one group and place it in a different group (2 marks)Include either a neatly hand drawn or computer generated icon(s) for each of the above along with a brief discussion of your rationale/logic as to why you think it is totally intuitive.Engineering & TechnologyComputer ScienceSYST 15892

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