Instructions:Scenario:Read the scenario below, and use the concepts from the Small Business Subcontracting Limitations lesson reading and the policies and procedures from acquisition regulation to answer the corresponding questions about small business set-asides.Unless otherwise stated, provide a citation to the exact reference in the FAR, DFARS, DFARS PGI, or CD where the information supporting your answer can be found.FAR, DFARS, and DFARS PGI citations must comply with the format requirements at FAR 1.105-2(c) and take the reader directly to the information supporting your answer.As appropriate, answers should refer to the applicable terms and conditions that would be included in the scenario contract.(20 points) You are the contracting officer for a requirement for commercial supplies with an estimated value of $425,000.The requirement is not in support of a contingency operation or a humanitarian or peacekeeping operation.The market research results for the requirement showed several potential offerors.The potential offerors were all deemed competitive in terms of market prices, quality, and delivery.The list of potential offerors included seven small businesses and four large businesses. 2.Provide two examples of market research techniques that could be used by an acquisition team to determine the size status (i.e., large business or small business concern) of the potential offerors that may be able to meet the Government’s requirement.A citation is not required for this question. Business CON 091

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