Mary is an 88-year-old African American (AA) female married for 50years to Albert. Albert complains that Mary cannot hear or hears but does not understand (especially in a group); turns up radio or television louder to hear (also noted by family, friends, and neighbors); Mary complains of “buzzing in her ears” and she feels like people are “mumbling” that makes her wonder if they are “talking about her in a low tone so that she will not hear them”.PMH: Mary takes ramipril for hypertension (HTN), a baby aspirin for cardio protection, and a statin for hypercholesterolemia. She reports no supplements and no herbals.If you determine that Mary has a hearing deficit and tinnitus,.what differential diagnoses do you want to consider? Describe at least three.What will your treatment plan for this patient be?What other recommendations will you make (i.e., screening)?What referrals will you make?Education: Name at least two things you will educate your patient about regarding their hearing.Health ScienceScienceNursingNRNP 6540

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