Objective: to apply BPMN to a specific situation and identify… Objective: to apply BPMN to a specific situation and identify process problems.Consider the case of?’Hall Fitness Products?hat manufacturers and sells consumer fitness machines for the home market.?O’Hall Fitness?orks with two different suppliers to manufacturer products:?ay’s Electronics?or microprocessors, displays, and other electronic components; and?oseph’s Supply House?or steel, aluminum, plastics and other raw materials.?The company’s order fulfillment process accepts orders via email and phone. Within?’Hall Fitness, several department work together to fulfill orders:?Sales,?arehousing, and?roduction.?he company works with a?hird party shipper?e.g. FedEx, UPS, etc.) for product delivery.?O’Hall Fitness?lso uses an?AP ERP system?o coordinate steps among departments.The current?rder Fulfillment Process?orks as follows:1. The Customer sends an order to the Sales Department via phone or email.?. The Sales Department logs the order in the order-entry subsystem of the organization’s ERP system.3. The Sales Department reviews the order for completeness.4. If the order is incomplete, the Sales Department contacts the customer and requests missing information.5. For complete orders, the ERP system checks the Finished Goods inventory database for product availability.6. If the product is available in Finished Goods Inventory:7. Sales emails a confirmation notice to the customer8. Warehousing picks and packages the product for shipping and then schedules delivery with a package courier (e.g. FedEx, UPS, etc.), and awaits confirmation of pickup.9. After the package courier has picked up the product, Sales sends an invoice to the customer.10.?The package courier will send delivery updates to the customer and warehousing during its delivery process.11.?When the customer pays a final invoice, Sales updates the ERP system’s Sales Order database indicating the order is complete, and the process ends.12.?If the product was not available in inventory, the ERP system checks Production’s Raw Materials Inventory for components that may be needed from Jay’s Electronics and/or Joseph’s Supply House.13.?Production requests and obtains any electronics and needed from Jay’s Electronics.14.?Production requests and obtains any other raw materials from Joseph’s Supply House.15.?Production then manufacturers the product and notifies Sales when the special order has bene placed in Finished Goods Inventory.16.?The process then continues as above and completes after the product has been shipped and Sales receives payment?Note:1. Draw a BPMN 2.0 diagram for the “As-Is” process. Treat the customer, suppliers, and delivery courier as “black boxes”. Use swim lanes in the main pool.BusinessIS 684

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