Owen’s book and bank balances matched at the end of August…. Owen’s book and bank balances matched at the end of August. However, his September 30th bank balance is $3,780.73 while his September 30th book balance is $3,281.04. Assuming Owen does his bookkeeping promptly unless otherwise stated, complete his bank reconciliation (including necessary journal entries) using the following information: a)???n September, Owen wrote four cheques for $120, $432.50, $400, and $56.20. He sees the $120 and $400 cheques on his bank statement.?)??A customer visited the company bank and deposited $100 to settle a bill from last month. Owen has not journalized this transaction.?)???n August 29th cheque of $42.78 bounced on September 2nd. The bank charged an NSF cheque fee of $10. Owen has not journalized this transaction.?)??A customer wired $360 for work completed last week. The internet bill of $85.15 and hydro bill of $101.08 were automatically withdrawn. Owen has not journalized these transactions.?)??On the evening of September 30th, Owen deposited an envelope containing a $210 cheque in the bank mail slot. He can not find the deposit on the bank statement.PLEASE SOLVE WITH CLEAR AND COMPLETE EXPLANATION STEP BY STEP.ALSO INCLUDE RECONCILE ITEMS. HOW ADJUSTED BALANCE IS CALCULATED SHOULD ALSO BE EXPLAINEDAccountingBusinessFinancial AccountingACCT 621

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