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For the two questions below there are no right or wrong answers. I want to see thoughtful opinions on the questions. You must answer both questions.

Question 1- This is NOT research. It is your opinion, perspective. (15 points)

As parts of Europe and the United States begin to lift coronavirus lockdown restrictions and allow people to move about the city, go shopping, visit relatives and return to work, we are facing a new conundrum in how our cities will lookphysically, how they willfunction,how will wefeelabout living in our cities.

The question is: Because of the cornavirus pandemic, how do you think our cities will change, or not, by May 2022? I want you to think in May 2022 how will our cities changephysically(layout, zoning, morphology). How will the citiesfunction(transportation, retail, economic sectors, restaurants)? How will youfeelabout living in cities, or your city.Question 2 -This is NOT research. It is your opinion, perspective (15 points). How do you think anthropomorphic influences such as global climate change and the coronavirus pandemic influence agriculture and food production?

Because this is a class of CULTURAL GEOGRAPHY, so you have to answer these questions from a relevant perspective.

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