Part I – Maria’s Pain Spring had arrived. Apple season would begin… Part I – Maria’s Pain Spring had arrived. Apple season would begin shortly, Maria thought to herself. She looked forward to this time of the year. Being out in the sunshine after the long winter they had in Vermont was much anticipated. The best part was that the grandkids, Jack and Elsa, would be spending the summer with her. Maria had started on some spring cleaning in preparation for their arrival. Progress was slow as she continued to experience a dull pain in her wrist and knees. Maria had felt this pain all winter, but she had ignored it. It seemed to get progressively worse each year. She had mentioned it to her best friend Betty, who had recommended that she see a specialist. Maybe it was arthritis; her mother had had it, after all. Where did she leave that card again? She would have to admit to Betty that she never followed up on her recommendation. Maria could just imagine the argument that would follow. Ibuprofen, that would help; it always did, for a while anyway.Questions 1. What are joints? How are they classified? 2. What are the names of the joints that bother Maria? What bones articulate with each other? 3. How would you classify these joints? Diagram one of these joints and explain how it differs from the other types of joints. 4. What range of motion would these joints have? Describe the movement. 5. What is arthritis? What treatments are currently available for arthritis? 6. What else might cause Maria’s pain?BiologyScienceAnatomyBIO 115

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