Please use OSCOLA referencing And here is the criteria of the essay thats uni need please if you could follow it A good essay, will, (as a minimum), have the following characteristics, sometimes referred to as IRAC or CLEO:
a) ISSUE/CLAIM: (knowledge, understanding and relevance)
Provide evidence of a clear understanding of the relevant issues, legal sources and materials. Your essay should contain no irrelevant or extraneous material or information as this demonstrates a lack of understanding.
b) RULE/LAW: (scholarship, research, sources and referencing)
Your conclusions must be supported throughout the text of your essay by reference to relevant legal authority. This should include evidence of good scholarship substantial research beyond the material given to you in the course outline. Ideally you should aim to include references to a variety of legal sources (primary sources), including both primary and secondary legislation, case law, European Union law and sources of international law such as the European Convention on Human Rights 1951, as appropriate. You should also refer to a range of secondary sources articles and books, both online and in hard copy. You need to include careful and precise citation of all sources, using the OSCOLA system of referencing, supported by the use of footnotes and a bibliography.
c) APPLY/EVALUATE: (analysis, independent and critical thinking)
Your essay should provide evidence of critical thinking a coherent argument or set of arguments, including comparisons and contrasts between academic commentators and/or practitioners, who take different views on particular issues. Each issue or argument must always be related back to the specific question. The best answers will address EVERY key word in the essay title, or EVERY fact in a problem question, thereby covering the full scope of the question or assessment set.
d) CONCLUDE/OUTCOME: (organization/structure/synthesis)
Each new issue or claim requires a new paragraph.
The first sentence should signpost the subject matter of the paragraph in question and link to the paragraph before it.
Every paragraph should be structured along the lines of IRAC/CLEO, which means that every paragraph should contain some legal or supporting authority and draw a conclusion related back to the question at the end. Your WRITING STYLE is also important in helping you to showcase all of the above. Therefore, your answer should be perfectly legible i.e. word processed, with no typographical, grammatical or spelling errors.
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