QUESTION 26 Which innovation in policing is aimed at strengthening… QUESTION 26Which innovation in policing is aimed at strengthening ties between the police and the public?Hot spots policingCrime control policingCommunity policingFocus deterrent policingQUESTION 29When evaluations of police innovations are done with consideration for the claims, concerns, and issues of stakeholders it is called…?Random controlled trialsRandom control treatmentsFourth generation evaluation researchPicayuneQUESTION 31Which statement is at the heart of evidence-based policing?All’s well that ends wellYou’re damned if you do and damned if you don’tA penny saved is a penny earnedWe are entitled to our opinions but not our own factsQUESTION 33Which resource contains systematic reviews of policing innovations?The Campbell Soup CompanyCriminologyThe Campbell CollaborativeThe Journal of Crime and JusticeQUESTION 37When a police chief sees a new technology as increasing efficiency and accountability while patrol officers see the new technology as threatening their discretion or autonomy, this is called…?Incongruent in outcomesFraudulent technological framesIn congruence in technological framesInconclusive technological framesQUESTION 38Integrating data from a number of different sources with the intent of answering an important question is called…?Fast dataRandom sample surveysBig dataRandom controlled trialsQUESTION 39When crime analysts are discussing crime problems with police administrators which type of framing do they use?Business rational calculusAnthropological qualitative approachSociological critiqueThick descriptionsLawSocial ScienceCriminal JusticeCRIJ MISC

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