Question(2 parts) 1.The?imes-Picayune?s searching for an ideal spotting station for the morning paper. The table below shows potential neighborhoods, their location on an XY grid of the city, and typical morning volume. What is the location that will minimize the transportation costs for the newspaper?Image transcription textSelected Income Statement Items: Sales $9,000,000 Cost of goods sold $5,000,000 Pretax earnings $500,000Selected Balance Sheet Items: Merchandise inventory $80,000 Total assets $2,000,000… Show morea. Near (4.0,4.0)b. Near (2.5,5.2)c. Near (3.5,5.0)d. Near (3.0,4.5)2.a. Near (2.5, 5.0)b. Near (1.5, 4.0)c. Near (4.5, 5.0)d. Near (3.0, 4.5)3.________________________ is revolutionizing how businesses operate factories or maintain equipment.?magine an engine on an aircraft detecting an issue via sensors, self-diagnosing the issue, and sending a signal to both pilots and a command center to request a fix or even performing the fix on itself.a. Internet of Thingsb. Business Process Modeling Toolsc. Enterprise Resource Planning Systemsd. Order Management Systems4.Flingen Inc. reveals the following information in their annual report for FY 2017Upper management plans to cut the cost of goods sold by 8% for the coming year but retains the same sales. What is the profit margin estimated to be for 2018?a. 9%b. 7.5%c. 5%d. 10%5.SAP and Oracle are ERP vendors.a. Trueb. False6.A pilot for a Delta Airlines aircraft enroute to NYC just received an alert in the cockpit regarding a possible engine failure.?o worries as the engine self-corrected.?he engine sent a message to a maintenance command center on the ground so the command center could diagnose the fault.?t relayed the “fix” back to the engine so it could “self-correct”.?his is an example of the Internet of Things (IoT).?a. Trueb. FalseBusinessFinanceUGBA 133

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