Questionanswer, explanation Medical Office Management Tania Washington is… answer, explanation Medical Office Management?ania Washington is an office manager at Pearson Physicians Group. The group’s business has been growing steadily, and the office is in need of a new certified medical assistant. Tania decided to put an advertisement in the local newspaper and on the newspaper’s employment website.She received many r?um? in response to the posted position. She took a couple of days to sort through the r?um? and the accompanying cover letters, removing all that did not meet the minimum qualifications as well as those with spelling and grammatical errors. On Monday, she contacted several individuals who had the best r?um? and set up interviews for the week.Before speaking with any of the candidates, Tania wrote out a set of questions she would use for all candidates. She also made notes of specific questions she wanted to ask pertaining to the information found on each applicant’s r?um?or cover letter.Tania’s first interview went very well, but it was difficult to read the application form that the applicant completed. The second applicant had recently had her tongue pierced, and at times it was very difficult to understand her speech. The third applicant had the least experience but looked very professional, wrote neatly, and spoke well.Refer to the case study at answer the following questions, using information you have learned.Where else could Tania have advertised the job opening?Why is it important for Tania to have her applicants fill out paperwork by hand?Which applicant do you think Tania should hire? Consider if personal appearance should outweigh professionalism. Explain your answer.BusinessManagementHuman Resource Management123123 MISC

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