QuestionPlease answer the following questions: 1. How did Mark develop his… Please answer the following questions:1. How did Mark develop his bond with Aggie over the years? /2 marks2. What is the significance of Jessica’s living situation? How does this exemplify a human-animal bond? /2 marks3. How can imprinting be relevant in Mario’s situation if he didn’t meet Dominic when he was a baby? /2 marks4. In a wildlife park in South Africa, What is significant about Or Lazmi’s relationship with the lions? Where is she in the hierarchy? /2 marks5. What is significant about the planned release of these lions??1 mark6. How does R.C. maintain dominance over Wild Thing? How does this affect their bond?/2 mark7. What does Professor Hal Herzog say about the human-animal bond? What does it say about humanity??hat are your thoughts on this? /2 marks8. Explain the reciprocal relationship the dolphins have with the fishermen in Laguna. /2 marks9. How does the content from this video relate to the moral status of animals? Please explain and provide an example to help support your claims. /2 marks10. Now that we have come to the end of the semester, what are your thoughts on the significance of the human-animal bond? Please explain. /3 marksArts & HumanitiesEnglishGNED MISC

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