QuestionVisit your local supermarket and review the products in the breakfastcereals aisle. Take note of the different types of cereal products – for example, muesli mixes, flakes, wheat-based, single packs vs multipacks, gluten-free, organic, cartoon characters, etcFrom your notes, outline the following STP strategies:1. Identify ONE consumer segment that you think is being targeted by a range of different breakfast cereal brands. Summarize the profile of this segment. Use Table 6.1 (below) focusing on the Demographic and Behavioural variables to assist you with this. For example Young families with children under 10, health-conscious, light users who buy on special occasions, and so on. It is expected that more than one variable will be applicable to the segment. Look at all the different cereal varieties to choose your segments.2. Draw up a positioning map using two dimensions you think are most important to your selected segment when they consider buying breakfast cereals. Use Figure 6.3 (below) as an example. Map out the brands you think would meet these two dimensions. You are not expected to include every brand on the shelf, just the onesyou think to meet the needs of the segment you’ve identified.4. Describe any potential gap in the market for your segment.Arts & HumanitiesCommunicationsMarketingBUSINESS 200084

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