R.R., a 22-year-old college student, is in the wellness clinic withher 3-month-old daughter and her 13-year-old sister. They live with R.R.’s grandmother, who is 68 years old. R.R. requests immunizations for her daughter and asks if there are any immunizations she and her sister need.?. R.R. says her daughter needs her “regular shots.” The infant received her first hepatitis B vaccine while in the newborn nursery but has not had any shots since coming home. What is the hepatitis B vaccine catch-up schedule for the infant; what is the routine schedule for hepatitis B vaccine in infants??. R.R. is worried that she will need to start her immunizations over because “she’s so far behind.” How should the nurse respond to her concern? When would her infant be due for another series of immunizations??. Which vaccines is R.R.’s daughter due for today??. The nurse asks R.R. about her vaccine history. R.R. says she had her “baby shots” a long time ago but did not keep her personal vaccine record; however, she remembers receiving a flu shot 2 years ago. What immunizations will she need at this point? How can she best keep track of her immunizations??. After administering R.R.’s meningitis vaccine, R.R.’s 13-year-old sister mentions that she heard that high school students should get a vaccination for human papillomavirus (HPV). She wants to know if she should get one or if it is too late. Who is eligible to receive the HPV vaccine, and what assessment questions would the nurse ask? What type and dosage of vaccine would the nurse administer??. After the visit, how does the nurse ensure that the vaccines were safely administered?Health ScienceScienceNursingNUR 2407

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