Read the scenario and then answer the questions that follow.You work at CareShore as a Case Manager. You are responsible for undertaking case meetings to plan, monitor and review service provision for clients. In addition, your role requires you to manage work, health and safety (WHS) implications for the other members of the team, the clients and yourself in the performance of the service.At a recent team meeting, two workers raised concerns regarding their health and safety in the workplace, particularly in regard to potentially aggressive client behaviour. The concerns arose after a client had a violent outburst and the Police were called to the CareShore office. Employees felt that they were underprepared to handle the situation and that the CareShore management team was not doing enough to protect the health and safety of its employees.Your manager admitted that the current CareShore WHS policies and procedures were not developed adequately for a community services organisation such as CareShore.To rectify this problem, your manager has asked you to establish new WHS procedures and systems specifically for CareShore.Briefly describe the legal responsibilities of each of the following duty holders under WHS legislation.Image transcription textArea Legal obligations (50 words each) Persons conducting a business undertaking (PCBUs) CaseManagers/Supervisors Case Workers… Show moreScienceHealth ScienceNUR E1141

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