Review the comprehensive annual financial Report (CAFR) you… Review the comprehensive annual financial Report (CAFR) you obtained.The city I need to use to complete this section is The City of Pembroke Pines, Broward County, Florida 2019 Per the city’s schedule of long-term obligations, what is the total long-term obligation for both governmental business-type activities? Does this amount reconcile with the long-term liabilities as reported on the government wide statement of net position?2. In addition to bonds payable, what other kinds of long-term debt for governmental activities did the city report in its statement of net position.3. Did the city increase or decrease its long-,4. Did the city increase or decrease its long-term borrowings during the year? What was the effect on total long-term liabilities at year-end? Explain5. What is the percentage of total net bonded debt to the assessed value of the property? What is the amount of net debt per capita?6. What is the city’s legal debt margin?7. Does the city have any lease obligations outstanding? Are these accounted for as operating or financing leases? Can you determine if any of these leases were initiated during this year? What is the amount of payments related to financing leases?8. Compute the total amount of the city’s direct and overlapping debt?9. Does the city have outstanding any conduit debt?BusinessAccountingACC 410

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