Sara Haines Cushing Syndrome case study?ara Haines is a 38-year-old who runs Grand Central Restaurant at Toowoomba shopping center. She presented to St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Toowoomba complaining of drastic weight gain over six months, significant facial hair growth, menstrual abnormalities, and both excessive thirst and appetite. Recently, Sara also feels dull and depressed, does not have much energy, and has stopped performing all her favorite activities including tennis at Action Indoor Sports Stadium.?ara is a successful and busy business person in Toowoomba, never smoked and only consumes alcohol in moderation at social events. She has several allergies (House dust mites, cockroaches, and dog’s dander) and is not taking any medications other than a daily multivitamin tablet and betamethasone (as needed) for her asthma (used for many years). On clinical examination, the clinician, Dr John Smith noticed protuberant with striae and minimal bruising in her abdomen, and no abdominal tenderness, and both upper and lower extremities show areas of hyperpigmentation. Laboratory results confirmed that her cortisol levels were high indicating Cushing syndrome.?- Write 10 nursing interventions with the rationale about this nursing diagnosis:Depression related to disease process as evidence by verbalization of feeling dull, low energy, and stopped performing all her favorites activities.Health ScienceScienceNursingNUR 460

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