Scenario-You are not a member of the doctor’s culture but reside ina state where this practice is still legal. The plastic surgeon has agreed to perform this practice on a young girl, the daughter of a friend of the surgeon. The friend has authorized the procedure. The girl only knows this is a custom. You did not know that today you would be asked to assist in this procedure. You can refuse to participate (your job may be on the line in the future due to that decision). Or, you can assist the surgeon. What ought you to do? We now want to examine the ethical issues involved. To do this, let’s look at the role of relativism, moral truths, and other issues.Initial Post Instructions-What would a subjective moral relativist say about what this doctor is doing?agree or disgree with the subjective moral relativist? Why or why not?-Examine what a cultural moral relativist would say here. agree or disagree with the cultural relativist? Why or why not?-Name and evaluate general criticisms of cultural relativism as being the wrong moral approach.-Is there an objective moral truth about any of the possible actions by the nurse and/or doctor in this case? Why or why not?Political ScienceSocial ScienceCivicsETHCETHC445N

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