Subject :- HUMAN RELATIONS (MGMT611)Premise:In Pakistan, we live in an era of risk and instability. Globalization, new technologies, and theunification of the young blood in the organizations have combined to overturn the dynamics of thebusiness environment. In this reformed job market, young professionals prefer such organizations thatprefer career-oriented employees that are more adaptive to change. One of such passionate andenthusiastic professionals Ms. Zeenor, conducting qualitative research on “Group behavior and itseffectiveness” in one of the dynamic textile names of Pakistan.She started her research by conducting a structured interview session to collect the primarydata. One of the questions she asked from the informants was: “If they have ever joined any particulargroup what were their reasons of association. Three informants from the HR department Ms. Zoya,Mr. Patail, and Mr. Farhan responded to this question under:? Ms. Zoya expressed her approach that I joined a group where members had proficiency toproduce more in a group rather than working individually.? Mr. Patail responded that he joined a group of employees where they had the enthusiasm totake up the challenge of megaprojects and each member was motivating and assisting eachother in the challenging projects. ? Third member Mr. Farhan shared his experience and retorted that he amalgamated with agroup that provided inclusion, control, and affection to its members, and ultimately hisrelationship with other members strengthened.Requirements:Views of the respondents mentioned in the scenario correspond to different reasons, why eachmember joined any group. Identify and explain at least two reasons based on logicaljustification/arguments exhibited by each of the above-mentioned three respondents.Note:-Solve these question and please explain in detail in such a way that i will get 15/15 marks.BusinessManagementHuman Resource Management

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