Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, most forms of birth control are… Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, most forms of birth control are now covered by health insurance with no out-of-pocket costs, but there are limitations. Research the various methods/techniques of birth control and find statistical data on unplanned pregnancies across the United States and within your state address the following questions:Are you surprised by the pregnancy rates within the United States and your state? Why or why not? North Dakota Should birth control products be free to anyone who wants to use it?Should birth control products, such as condoms, birth control pills, and patches, be readily available for teenagers without a parent’s knowledge or consent? Why or why not? If so, at what age?he right-to-die is a concept stating that a patient with terminal illness should have the choice to voluntarily end his or her life. Some see this as a humane way to die with dignity, while others condemn this idea.Patients in the entire United States can currently choose to refuse life-saving or life-extending treatments through an advanced directive, but only a handful of states allow physician-assisted suicide. Each of these states have enacted slightly different laws, but most allow physicians to prescribe a lethal medication that a patient self-administers. Address the following questions In your opinion, should competent adults have the right to choose physician-assisted suicide?Should physician-assisted suicide be legal in every state?How should we define the term “terminal illness?”Is physician-assisted suicide ethically different than a patient refusing treatment?Is it ethical to allow patients to suffer if they wish to end their life?BiologyScienceAnatomyANATOMY BSC2347

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