The entire assignment should be 10 pages total plus a title and reference page.
For this assignment, you are required to find two (2) studies or academic articles on PTSD and dreams which will be the focus of your paper. The articles need to have a different focus and not be studies or articles which repeat the same information. The information should support your work or your understanding of how to work with clients with PTSD who suffer from nightmares. Remember to choose two (2) articles for the focus of your paper.
The following must be included in your paper:
1. Give a brief synopsis of the studies or articles (no more than a page for each study or article).
2. How do the two studies or articles support each other?
3. What information was different?
4. How do the studies or articles expand upon the information provided in the course text?
5. What information from the studies or articles can you use to incorporate with your PTSD clients?

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