The First Poem:
Resolution, #1,003 June Jordan
I will love who loves me
I will love as much as I am loved
I will hate who hates me
I will feel nothing for everyone oblivious to me
I will stay indifferent to indifference
I will live hostile to hostility
I will make myself a passionate and eager lover
in response to passionate and eager love
I will be nobodys fool
The Second Poem:
Meteor Showers by Clint Smith
I read somewhere that meteor showers
are almost always named after
the constellation from which
from which they originate. Its funny, I think,
how even the universe is telling us
that we can never get too far
from the place that created us.
How there is always a streak of our past
trailing closely behind us
like a smattering of obstinate memories.
Even when we enter a new atmosphere,
become subsumed in flames, turn to dust,
lose ourselves in the wind, and scatter
the surface of all that rest beneath us,
we bring a part of where we are from
to every place we go.
This is all I have so far..
Resolutions are Repetitive: Meteor Showers and Resolution, #1,003
Clint Smiths Meteor Showers and June Jordans Resolution, #1,003 dive deep into the meaning of starting over. The perspective of each poem is in first person and both have an evolving character line. Although they both differ in attitude and expression. Meteor Shower

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