The paint and coatings industry in Australia contributes approx. $3.2billion in revenue and employ over 6,505 people according to?BIS World.?ust like other industries, COVID-19 has had an impact on their industry.?hilst some operators have benefited from a short-term increase in demand due to do-it-yourself activities, trade sales have declined.?he federal government’s recent announcement to extend the Home Builder economic stimulus package to the 30th?f April 2023 is positive news for the paint and coatings industry but may not be enough to curb the reduced demand and investment in the building market.You are required to research the paint and coatings industry in Australia and prepare a business report on the future strategic positioning of the paint and coatings industry. Areas you need to address include:-A brief overview of the nature and history of the industry. (2 marks)-What is the current profitability of the industry? (2 marks)-What is the expected profitability of the industry? (2 marks)-What are the major trends affecting the future growth of the industry? (2 marks)-Will the industry grow faster or slower than the average industry growth rate? (2 marks)?our response is to be in a written business format and should include:-a cover page addressed to your required audience;-an executive summary (Note: an Executive Summary is not an introduction. An Executive Summary is an overview of an entire report, including recommendations, and should be no longer than one (1) page in length. This may be the only page read by busy managers);-a table of contents (linked to the headings in the report);-headings and subheadings clearly identifying what is being discussed;-brief explanation and purpose on what each question is addressing-a conclusion; and-referencing (using APA style).BusinessAccountingACG 511

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