this is a Product proposal1: Describe the product created. Remember, this should be a new product offered as an innovation/extension of an existing product.? Describe the core product (good or service) and additional (augmented) components of the offering.? What is it, what problem does it solve, what does it help you do, what needs does it meet?? Briefly outline the idea generation process, was it created with a product you love and consider how to improve/extend it? Did you start with a problem or need and identify a product not currently available to address this problem/need? Why is it important to you?? please explain SWOT( strength, weakness, opportunities and threat) analysis to help you determine your product position in the market (visual not included in word count). Discuss relevant points from SWOT analysis in text (e.g. have you identified a particular strength to capitalize on? Is there a clear opportunity in the market?)#2: Describe the target market and positioning of the product.? Using segmenting methods, describe the primary market for your product or service.? What segmentation strategies did you use to identify this market (e.g. demographic, geographic, behavioural)?? Outline why this target market would be interested in your product? Describe the characteristics of your target market using the concept of personas to illustrate.#3: Justify your product pricing.? Outline what price you will charge for your product.? Explain why this is appropriate for your offering and target market(s) based on preliminary research.? Identify any additional pricing strategies you may use? Justify the price/pricing strategies using theory from class on pricing strategies and research on related products in this category.I just need a fair explaination of how a product proposal is done country newzealand Arts & HumanitiesCommunicationsMarketingMARKETING MARS501

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