This is not cheating at all i just want you to create an example ofthe task that i have made up to test myself please stop sending this back and using excuses such as academic integrity violation or tutors are not able to complete writing assignments. I am not asking for you to complete a writing assignment i am asking you to make an example of this task so i can learn and study from it please.You have been asked by your Manager to Create an example of a report on the health and safety legislation that relates to the organisation and why there is a need for a Health and Safety Committee to be established within the organisation. This report will then be sent to the CEO to approve the establishment of a Health and Safety Committee.?nsure that the below points are covered in your report:-Explain at least three different types of legislation that affect the organisation.-Explain the Standards and Codes of Practice that can assist in ensuring compliance with the legislation that you have chosen.-Explain the possible consequences of non-compliance with the legislation.-Briefly explain how hazards can be reported and managed within the workplace.-The roles and responsibilities of the Duty Holders, Employer, Employees, Health and Safety Committee and Health and Safety Representatives.-Explain the importance of sharing information and communicating changes in health and safety to employees and how this can be achieved.-Explain what health and safety training should be provided to employees.-Provide three possible sources that could provide help and assistance on understanding the legislation.-Create an example of this task which has a decent amount of words pleaseBusinessManagementBusiness LawHASS 102,509

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