VCC=32V hfe=200 HFE=100 HRE=0 hre=0 VBE=0,6 VT=25mV R1=50K R2=150K… textVCC R3 R8 R2 R6 T2 C3 C5 Vo T1 T3 C1 2 R5 2R7 R9 R11 R1 R4 C2 R10 C4… Show moreVCC=32Vhfe=200HFE=100HRE=0hre=0VBE=0,6VT=25mVR1=50KR2=150KR3=8KR4=2KR5=5KR9=100 OHMR10=3,9KR11=20Kfind ICQ2=?,ICQ3=?Physics Science Electronics ELECTRICAL EEE5012

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