What is the total resistance of a circuit including three series… What is the total resistance of a circuit including three series resistances of 0.4, 0.8 and 2.4 ohms?.24 ohm0.75 ohm3.6 ohms4.15 ohmsWhat material within the x-ray tube is most likely to cause tube failure by vaporizing and forming a layer on the inside of the tube envelope?CopperAluminumTungstenOilWhich of the following factors are included in Ohm’s Law????1.?Resistance???2.?Capacitance???3.?Current1, 2, 32, 31, 21, 3Which type of mammography results in significantly lower exposure dose??1.?Xeroradiography??.?Film/screen and low ratio grid??.?Fluoroscopy231, 2, 31Which of the following are functiosn of the oil that surrounds the x-ray tube??1.?heat dissipation?2.?shock prevention?3.?primary beam filtration1, 32, 31, 2, 31, 2Which are located on the low voltage side of the x-ray circuit?1.?Exposure switch?.?Autotransformer?.?Primary side of high voltage transformer1, 21, 31, 2, 32, 3In the 80 to 100 kVp range, approximately what percentage of emitted x-ray photons are produced by characteristic interactions?1090150Which of the following can be used to increase the voltage produced by an electrical generator???.?Increasing the strength of the magnetic field??2.?Increasing the number of turns in the conducting coil??.?Increase the angle between the magnetic field and the?onductors1, 21, 2, 32, 31, 3What is the normal rotational speed of the high-speed anode in a diagnostic x-ray tube?10,000 to 12,000 rpm2,000 to 3,000 rpm100 to 200 rpm20,000 to 30,000 rpmWhich of the following is capable of measuring both voltage and amperage in a DC circuit?DensitometerVoltmeterGalvanometerAmmeterWhat factor drops during a falling load exposure?kVpfiltrationmAtimeAt what temperature does an x-ray tube filament exhibit significant thermionic emission?500 ?1,000 ?10,000 ?2,500 ?What factor/s is/are not under the control of the radiographer during an automatic exposure control exposure with a falling load generator??1.?mA?2.?time??.?kVp1, 31, 2, 32, 31, 2ScienceBiologyRADIOLOGY radiology1

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