You are required to critically address the research topic (see below)providing supporting examples where appropriate:’International corporate social responsibility (CSR) is critical for multinational enterprises (MNEs) to conduct overseasbusiness (Pisani et al. 2017). It has become a compelling factor in the global business environment, creating demands on international managers to take a positive stance on issues of social responsibility and ethical behaviour, economic development in host countries and ecological protection around the world. How do external environmental factors affect international CSR? How do MNEs implement international CSR to support post-pandemic business operations in the host countries? Using a case study approach, research and discuss how international CSR is relevant to ONE MNE in terms of its managing political risks, engaging with stakeholders, creating competitive advantages and etc in two different host countries. Based on your analysis of the selected MNE, draw recommendations from the literature on how other MNEs can successfully implement international CSR in the post-pandemic era.’Pisani, Niccol? Arno Kourula, Ans Kolk, and Renske Meijer. 2017. “How global is international CSR research? Insights and recommendations from a systematic review.” Journal of World Business 52 (5): 591-614.The following sections must be included in your report: Executive summary, introduction, main body (use sub- sections/headings), concluding recommendations and reference list.BusinessMGMT 3001

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