You will need to use this source I will link in this (the citation is listed down below) as well as two other reliable sources.
Alright so heres the instructions
Pick one perspective from the attached PDF titled Perspectives in Child Development that you agree with the most and one perspective that you are the least comfortable with, or disagree with.
Explain each of the perspectives in your own words (not the books words or definition) then explain the ones you chose in greater detail and explain WHY you chose those perspectives
Perspectives are: Psychodynamic, Behavioral, Cognitive, Contextual, and evolutionary. There is only a little bit of information in the text, so you will need to research the perspectives. Explain each perspective in depth and then. Explain why you agree or disagree with the perspectives each.
Your paper should be 700 words.
Proper spelling, grammar, and college-level writing are expected. Be sure to separate out paragraphs, and not type in one long box of text.
At least two academic sources are required (your textbook is acceptable for one of them).
College Academic Databases are expected. The librarians are available if you need assistance.
Google Scholar (Links to an external site.) is another option
Pubmed (Links to an external site.)may be used as well
Times New Roman, 12 Point font, 1-inch margin, double space. Proper paragraph formatting. No cover page is needed. Do NOT use an MLA header.
Look at the link in the left-hand menu title APA formatting for more resources on APA formatting.
APA formatting for in-text citations and works cited.
Do not use MLA, including MLA header.
Papers need to be UPLOADED as an ATTACHMENT to submission link.
It is the students responsibility to make sure their assignment is properly submitted prior to the due date.
PDF citation:
Feldman, R. (2014). Child Development a Topical Approach. Boston: Pearson.
Use the APA formatting resources for more information as needed.

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