Your OptionsDo nothing. The grounds for formal disciplinary action are weak and you could make things much worse by appearing to punish Mariella, even by giving her a reprimand.?dmit that you made a mistake. Explain to Mariella that you chose her because you value her expertise, and maybe you should have discussed this matter with her first. But would this action demonstrate leadership?Take the first step in the disciplinary procedure. Present the evidence to Mariella in the presence of a witness, put this on her file and give her a formal warning.?dentify who in the team is most likely to be open with you. Engage them discreetly in a confidential discussion to discover more about the hidden group dynamicsSeek help. You are new to this role, and have never had to deal with this kind of issue before. Ask your fellow department manager’s advice.BusinessBUSINESS M HBM017

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